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Cardy Holter Analysis System

Since Suzuken developed the world's first Digital Holter ECG recorder using non-volatile Flash Memory in 1994, Suzuken has been launching the most compact and durable Holter recorder among the major branded recorders in the global market. Suzuken released Cardy 302 that is the water proof, light and thin as wearable under cloth not visible from other person in 2009. Suzuken is offering Cardy 302, with the unique viewer-card writer and sophisticated analysis software allowing even simple work flow using pull-down menu and job icons, thus giving a complete system.

      Cardy 302 - MAX Waterproof Holter ECG Recorder
      Cardy Controller 02
      Cardy Analyzer 05 - Holter ECG Analysis Programs
      Cardy Holter Station System


Kenz Cardy Holter Analysis system includes:

-Cardy 302 recorder for 48-hour recording

-The Cardy Controller 02 for entering patient information, reviewing Holter ECG on a LCD and transferring the raw data in the memory card.

-The Cardy Analyzer software for complete analysis of the recorded 24-48 hour ECG data that can be installed in a PC with laser printer mostly locally available.
*PC and a laser printer must meet the minimum hardware requirement for each Cardy Analyzer

I. Cardy 302 MAX Waterproof Holter ECG Recorder

One of the smallest and lightest models available in global market in comfort Smaller than business card size that is designed to wear inside the clothes. (W58 x D67 x H20, 67g)

2/3 channel digital recording for 48 hours with Pacemaker pulse detection 1 channel /2 levels

SD card memory for immediate data acquisition in 14 seconds

3D Body Movement Sensor for diagnosis of Angina pectoris with HR,ST trend and arrhythmia analysis

Real time wireless checking for signal quality and lead-off using Cardy Controller 02

Input Patient information and Postural ECG Templates using Cardy Controller 02

Pacemaker pulse detection 1 channel

III. Cardy Controller 02

Enter patient information (identification number, name, age, sex and blood pressure) to the Cardy 301 Recorder via IrDA communication

Previewing the ECG on the LCD screen and for starting the operation of the recorder remotely via IrDA communication

Downloads 24-48 hour ECG data to the memory card from the recorder via cable. Memory cards can be sent to centralized Holter analysis laboratory

The compete 24-48 hour ECG can be saved in the memory card and be reviewed on the Cardy Controller screen
IV. Holter ECG Analysis Programs

Evolutionally advanced Holter ECG system
Cardy Analyzer05

A simplified approach to Holter analysis workflow is possible by clicking the Job Icons and selecting the Tool Bar.

Full automatic process and multitask workflow
Full automatic process and simultaneously running multiple tasks such as printing Full disclosure while downloading raw data and analyzing other patient data.

Versatile standard functionality
AF detection, Pacemaker detection, Heart Rate Variability analysis and Interlocking ECG and BP data output are fully equipped as the standard features.

Data search and PDF report filing for network
Organized ECG data and Analysis reports filing is the key solution for medical record system on network.

Analysis and edit functions

Template matching and Morphology reclassification for group/individual

Search and edit by Auto-superimposed ECG*

Zone-edit and Auto-scrolling search for Full Disclosure

Arrhythmia link-Editing in Histogram <-> Strip <-> Full Disclosure*

ST link-Editing in Trend <-> Strips <-> Full disclosure and ST point adjustment*

ECG Strips editing based on an episode list and selecting for print

Atrial fibrillation detection

Advanced Heart Rate Variability analysis

Pacemaker pulse analysis and evaluation

Ambulatory blood pressure analysis

Body postural analysis using Body Movement Sensor
  * Feature applicable in Analyzer 05 only

Explanation of Job icons

Job Icons

Automatic analysis
A series of operation starting from Pre-check to Printout of analysis results can be activated. Automatic analysis will be performed in the following order. Pre-check, Set-up basic template, Set-up ST points, Load ECG data, Morphology and labeling, Confirm and edit templates, Arrhythmia analysis, ST analysis, Print out analysis results.

Load ECG & automatic operation
The following 7 functions can be executed after selecting this icon. The functions are Load new ECG data, Pre-registration, Analysis condition, Automatic operation, Patient information, Load BP data, Set-up condition.

Editing analysis result
The following 7 functions can be executed after selecting this icon. The functions are Editing analysis result, Create Image data, Patient information, Set-up condition.

HRV analysis
HRV analysis program can be executed by selecting this icon. Various analysis methods which include Auto Regressive Spectrum (AR) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of Frequency Domain, and Complex Demodulation (CDM) of Time Domain can be used for HRV analysis.

Data storage
Raw data, analysis results and edited reports can be saved in a hard disk or archival medium by selecting the check box in the list after selecting this icon.

AF Detection

Link editing
[Histogram <-> Strip <-> Full Disclosure]

Arrhythmia Detection

Individual Morphology Reclassification

Zone editing on Full Disclosure

Template Matching & Re-labeling for Superimposed ECG

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