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Kenz Cardico 1210
Twelve channel precision digital electrocardiograph with analysis and various features to meet your requirements

The Kenz Cardico 1210 is a sophisticated 12-channel digital Electrocardiograph that is superior in arrhythmia analysis. It comes with more than 130 diagnostic statements to meet doctor's requirements in ECG analysis. The built-in high resolution printer enables excellent quality ECG tracing in various formats. ECG can also be printed on a plain A4 size paper by using an external printer connecting to a PC with the optional software (ECG Data Viewer CVS-03). The internal memory enables storing and managing of 100 ECG data.


Twelve channel Electrocardiograph, with 4 automatic, 1 manual and 1 arrhythmia recording mode :
   1 normal (3-, 4-, 6- or 12-channel)

   1 freeze

    1 post-stress

    1 pre-check : for checking for arrhythmia before recording

    1 manual and

    1 long term recording mode

Automatic adult and pediatric analysis programs are standard

100 ECG data can be stored

More than 130 diagnostic statements to meet doctor's requirements in ECG recording

Kenz Cardico 1210 features a serial port, for transmitting ECG data to a PC. Optional CVS-03 software is available for data viewing and filing

Rechargeable battery and AC operation

Easy operation : just one touch of the RUN/STOP key can record standard 12 leads ECG and print analysis reports in 7 languages (English/Spanish/Italian/French/German/Chinese/Russian)

Patient demographic information input : ID number (up to 12 digits), age, sex, height, weight, blood pressure, conditions, medications and name.

Message display : various messages guide the user for proper operation

ECG preview display : The Kenz Cardico 1210 has a large back-lit LCD (5.7 inch) to display three channel ECG, which previews in order to verify abnormalities and ensure quality tracings, thus saving time and paper

ECG freeze display : allows freezing and printing of the ECG waveform displayed on the LCD

12 Lead scanning display : the SCAN key allows the user to preview all the 12 leads at a glance to verify ECG quality prior to recording with leads-off indicator

Various printing possibilities : user can print in 3-,4-,6- or 12-channel formats on thermal paper using the internal thermal printer or use an external printer to record on normal A4 paper, through a PC by using the CVS-03 software

Data management : the user can manage the data stored in the internal memory by ID number or date of recording

Digital filters for AC current, muscle tremor and baseline drift

Pacemaker detection

Defibrillation protection

ECG Recording sample

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