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 Developing Cardiology Device to Contribute in a Wide Range of Areas Encompassing Medical Treatment and Clinical Trials Worldwide
is a well - known brand from the manufacturer Suzuken Company Limited, Japan. Suzuken has constructed an integrated system for the in-house development, production, and sale of electrocardiographs and Holter electrocardiographs under the original brand Kenz, which is at the core of the Suzuken's medical device business.

Kenz cardiology series including Resting ECG / EKG, the Holter ECG / EKG, and the PC based ECG / EKG have a sterling reputation for their technologically advanced performance durable quality and dependable reliability. These ECG / EKG products are sold directly both domestically and internationally through the Suzuken's independent sales network, and distributions in over 50 nations around the world, including the U.S., Europe, China, the Middle East, and various Asian countries.

Pulse oximeter
Blood Warmer
Activity Monitors

Cardico 1215
Flagship 12ch ECG
8.5 inch color touch screen operation and patient data entry
Alphanumeric key board and soft-key board
Emergency cases alert
A4 and Letter size recording

Cardico PC-1201
Simple operation with touch screen action, and editable diagnostic comment and patient record
Enable to install in mobile Netbook* or Touch Panel PC
The Advance edition is available for upgrade of Network data management, Stress Test and Holter ECG/BP Test

Cardico 306
5.7 inch touch screen operation and patient data entry
Full size paper 12ch ECG with Epson Printer

Cardico 601 5.7" Color LCD
5.7 inch color touch screen for patient data entry
Full size paper 12ch ECG with Epson Printer

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